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Message From The Party Leader

It is my honor and privilege to welcome  you to People’s Trust Party  website,. We are COMMITTED to the democratic ideals of rule of law, fairness, social justice, gender equity and equality, affirmative action, voluntary participation, respect for human rights and freedoms, unity of purpose in diversity as well as the national values and principles of governance enshrined in the Country’s Constitution.

Party Leader

Hon Mutua Katuku EGH


Create, nurture and sustain a democratic Government and State so as to enhance the political, social and economic welfare, and equal opportunities for all citizens in Kenya based on the principles of liberty, social justice, equality and unity. 


The Party envisions a country where together we can (pamoja tunaweza) and capable of exercising and enjoying their fundamental political, social, economic, cultural, religious rights and freedoms in an environment of dignity and integrity.


Respect for human rights and freedoms.
 Integrity in leadership.
 Rule of law.
 Social justice and fairness.
Devolution of power and resources.
Equity, equality and inclusivity. 
 Unity in diversity.
 Accountability and transparency.
Citizens effective. participation in governance and decision making.

Message From The Secretary General

Welcome to People’s Trust Party, here we have DEDICATED ourselves to the search for transformative leadership and establishment of a democratic system of governance with transparent and accountable structures at national, county and local levels of Party organization,

Joseph mathuki

Sec Gen .Joseph mathuki

Membership Eligibility

i. Any citizen of Kenya of the age of eighteen years and above who accepts and adheres to the ideology, vision, aims, objects, policies, programmes, directives and discipline of the party shall be eligible to become a member of the Party.

ii. Members eligible shall be required to pay membership fees as determined by the National Governing Council (NGC).

iii. Notwithstanding the payment of membership fees of joining the Party, the office of the Secretary General shall provide the details in terms of requisite forms to be used and has the discretion to reject or revoke an application for membership from any person, especially if the Applicant is proven to be corrupt, with a criminal past and therefore cannot pass a membership and/or leadership and integrity test.

iv There shall be founder members whose membership is permanent with VETO power to veto any decision made by any governing organ of the party. The founder members can attend and preside any meeting touching on matters of the party.

v. Any member who ceases to be a member shall not be entitled to the refund of any membership fees or contribution paid by him/her.

Subscription Fees For Joining The Party

There shall be the general category of Ordinary Member, and such other membership categories determined by NEC. The Ordinary membership shall only apply to those residing in Kenya. Other categories are open to all Kenyans regardless of where they reside. The membership enrolment fee and annual subscription fee shall be determined by NGC from time to time.

Resignation Of Membership

A member shall resign or be deemed to have resigned if he/she:
i. Conducts himself/herself in a manner that brings the Party to disrepute.

ii. Submits to the Secretary of the Sub-Branch Executive Committee (SBEC) in which he or she is registered a letter of resignation signed by himself or herself. For National officials, they shall submit their letters to the Party head office.

iii. promotes the activities of another Political Party provided that the other Political Party is one that PEOPLES' TRUST PARTY
iv. Contravenes Party Ideology, Aims, Policies, Objects, and the Code of Conduct for Leaders or the Pledge of Commitment.
v. Forms another political party.
vi. Joins in the formation of another political party.
vii. Joins another political party.
viii. In any way or manner, publicly advocates for the formation of another Political Party.
ix. Promotes the ideology, interests or policies of another Political has no formal arrangement with

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